A-1 Fence manufactures and supplies perimMer fencing made out piste.. That defines our core competency.

A-1 Fence's foundanon was laid in 1998 in a small shack in the suburbs of bustling city of Mumbai It w. a small se,p, with one chain link we as -mg machine. On that foundaton. 4 1 Fence has grown manifolds today, supplying complete suite of fencing produc., all around the globe t GCC countries, America, UK, Australia, Spain, France, Guatemala, Poland, etc. Aff. Fence's operanons are spread over four manufactunffg uni. - Khopoli (Maharashtra, India), Umbergaon (Gujarat, India), Silvassa (UT of India) and Dubai.

A-1 Fence has developed itself into a one -stop shop for all fencing requiremen.. We manufac,re starrem from the fabric of the fence - whether jilt chain link or welded mesh, to the post required to support the fabric, tumor nut and bolt required to install a fence system. We offer solunons for a wide variety of applicanons, whether it be polioni borders, it and g. pipelines, prisons, corporate buildings, residennal complexes, gardens, swimming pooh, industrial zones, motorways, stadiums, schools etc.

A-1 Fence Products Company P, Ltd is the Indian distributor of the international JVA brand of Security Electric Fencing Energirers and acressories.

JVA Technologies (Australia /South Africa) draws on over so years' experience in some of the world's moM tesnffg iMernanonal and local security marke., in producing a product range that sansfies the needs of the world security electric fencing markeir ranging from simple domes, requaremen., to high security installanons. LTA producir and expertise are trusted choices for local and iMernanonal customers as they meet the strict specificanons required to secure mxior contrac. such .misons, airpor., power stations, defense facilines and municipal... worldwide.

Thus, by using the technical expertise of LTA and exploinffg manufactunffg strength of A-1 fence, we are able to provide a high quality loss cost security and agricultural electric fence solunons.