The new JVA Zl4A Energiser can be purchased in Bi- Polar mode. This gives rise to the question: What is Bi-Polar Fencing and what exactly are the benefits of this wiring configuration?A Bi-Polar fence is an all-live wire fence. A Bi-Polar energiser has the ability to pulse synchronized positive and negative pulses down alternate wires of the same fence line. So, instead of having alternate live and earth wires on the same fence line, one now has one wire with a positive pulse and one wire with a negative pulse.

This meansthat all the wires on the security fence are live (with the exception of the open true-earth wire in the fence grid, should one be included).A reading taken between the positive pulsing or negative pulsing live wires and the live earth, will give half the voltage of a normal live/earthconfiguration. However, when one touches both the positive and negative pulsing wires, one will receive the ‘full monty’. The big plus factor of this configuration is that, by reducing the voltages toeach wire, one helps eliminate the annoying and often difficult-to-eliminate arcing experienced in coastal or dusty areas.